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Estonia Ultimate League (EUL) objective is to develop competitive experience of all Estonian Ultimate players and expand the community via common tournaments. Special attention is brought to less experienced players developing to prepare for international tournaments.

As organisers we hope to create this environment, which allows to fulfil these objectives and expect every participating team to do their best to help achieve this objectives.

Tournament in this handbook means one particular stage (etapp). Whole 5 tournaments together is League.

Schedule of Tournaments

  1. October 2016 (12:00-19:00) – Jüri

Rae Spordikeskus, Laste tänav 3, Rae

Organizer: Birgit Tito 


  1. December 2016 (12:00-18:00) – Nõo

Nõo rannahall; Voika 10, Nõo

Organizer: Janek Pello


  1. January 2017 (11:00-17:00) –  Rapla

Sadolin Spordihoone, Viljandi mnt 69a, Rapla

Organizer: Marleen Varblas 


  1. February 2017 (10:00-16:00) – Jõhvi

Jõhvi Spordikool, Hariduse 5a, Jõhvi

Organizer: Karin Nurmes 


  1. April 2017 (11:00-17:30) – Lähte

Lähte spordihall, Õpetaja tn 7, Lähte alevik, Tartu vald

Organizer: Kairi Kivistik 


Main teams. Registration is complete and the main teams who will fight for the cup are formed. A prerequisite for registering in one of the main teams is willing to participate in at least three of the 5 tournaments.

Participation fee contains all 5 events and is equal to 30 euros.

Main team formation. Teams were made to have maximum competitiveness between all teams. Special filters were to mix as much as possible players by gender, home club, and previous season of the league. Each team has 9-10 players. Teams stay the same for all 5 tournaments.

Las Ketchup Esmaspäev Yellow Fellows Green Hornets
Rommi Saar Janek Pello Toomas Retsold Andrek Sikka Marek Tooming
Robin Lilleorg Mats Mikkor Raid Vellerind Tamor Bakhoff Jürgen Vahter
Jaan Neljandik Raido Uusma Virgo Kaselo Jaagup Lember Prastudy Fauzi
Kuldar Saaremäe Markus Soom Siim Neljandik Risto Roosve Madis Sulg
Henri Pastarus Joel Saaremäe Siim Rumjantsev Georg Sebastian Kraas Kristo Kruusamägi
Raul Mägedik Siim Puustusmaa Marje Mölder Markus Raud Meelis Uudam
Helen Tera Birgit Tito Maie Reinomägi Sanita Lasmane Kristel Lints
Kärolin Lints Helerin Koppel Carolin Raud Karmen Kullamaa Liis Saharov
Marleen Varblas Karin Nurmes Mariliis Õun Kätlin Kikerpill Kairi Kivistik
Eleri Pärna


Pick-ups for Main teams. It is each team’s responsibility to get enough players for each tournament. If one team has pickup spot vacant or they have less than 6 players total or 2 of each gender, then the captain can request an additional pick-up player for their main team, at least a week before the tournament. Pick-ups for Main teams are determined by skill level and are more or less as the same as player who pickup player covers and is assigned by organizers. If the main player has requested pick up player, then this main player and pick up player cannot play on the same tournament.

Pick-up team. One pick-up team will be formed separately for each event and consist of maximum 10 players. Players wishing to participate will have to register separately, the team will be formed end of registration and will be formed to one Pick-up team and if needed added to Main teams.

Pick-up rules

  1. If there are more than 10 people wishing place in pick-up team, then selection rules are (in order of priority, higher first):
    – match main teams level
    – order of registration (who registers sooner, has priority)
  2. Pickup team will be formed first and then players who agreed also to play on Main team, will be added to Main teams.
  3. If you cannot participate, let us know as soon as possible on Facebook or by e-mail.
  4. If pick-up player is added to main team, that does not make him/her part of main team and does not give the any right for awards, you still are pick-up player.
  5. Participation fee is equal to 8 euros, and can be paid in cash on location or via transfer prior to the tournament.


Mixed play options. Games are played in classical Mixed formation (2 of each gender on field, offence decides 5th player gender).
If team has only 2 female players at tournament, they are allowed to propose to play loose mixed (3 male and 1 female players, offence decides 5th player gender). Loose mixed playing option should be agreed before each game between captains.

U18s. To develop youth players, participation fees are 50% off for players born 1997 or later.

League format

League consists of 5 tournaments. Each tournament will have all main teams play against each other in a group format tournament. Also each team will play against Pick-up in a special game.

Main teams will get League Points (LPs) based on the results of the tournament. I place 8 LPs, II place 5 LPs, III place 3 LPs, IV place 2 LPs, and V place will get 1 LP.

If the Main team wins against the Pick-up team, they get 1 additional LP. Games against Pick-Ups are separate. They do not contribute to the group format tournament.

Tournament winner is decided by: 1. Game wins 2. Overall score difference 3. Overall points scored 4. Closed-circle score difference 5. Closed-circle points scored.

League winner is the team with the most LPs, followed by tournament decider order.

Tournament games are of mixed format, 2 men and 2 women on the field plus offence decides the 5th player on the field. If needed, captains can agree a different rotation rule before the game.

6-hour tournaments will have time-cap 21 minutes and point-cap 12.

7-hour tournaments will have 25 minute time cap and point-cap 14.

During each game, both teams can take one 1-minute timeout. Time-outs in the last 3 minutes of game time are not allowed. If timeout is taken then and if team has timeout left, play will continue as with check-in, but if there were no timeout left for team, it means turnover.

Organizers retain the rights to tweak the rules to tournaments/League to improve the competition.

Ultimate rules. UK Indoor Ultimate Rules* are used, which are adapted to the WFDF Ultimate Rules: *except recommended field dimensions. EUL fields will depend on what is available in different corners of the country.

Awards. League and Spirit winners get a travelling cup. Players of top three Main teams get medals.

Contacts. EUL Facebook page:

E-mail: contact

Specific tournament questions can be forwarded to tournament organizers.